Services and Additional Capabilities


Our Services
We provide a board range of services  to customers and our coating technology has been successfully used to extend the life of the product and to increase the ware resistance of tools and devices. We apply an coating to :
  • Machining and Cutting Tools
  • Wear Components
  • Decorative Products
  • Medical and High-Precision Devices and Instruments 











Additional Capabilities
  • Rapid turnaround time for the coating  process
  • Express services is available upon request
  • Direct consulting with ANC engineer based on specific applications
The following items could be provided according to customer’s need by ANC in all research & development work or through its joint projects with Institute of Metal Research of Academia Sinica (IMRAS):

·        New coating materials and new coating systems by using vacuum cathode arc ion plating

·        Functional films, thin film composites and devices by magnetron sputtering

·        Large area corrosion-resistant coating by arc spraying for metal machine parts and outdoor metallic construction

·        Wear-, corrosion- and high temperature-resistant coatings by arc plasma spraying for metallic parts.

·        Glow discharge plasma Nitriding of metallic machinery parts for wear- and corrosion-resistance of wide range of materials.