Our coatings are ultra-hard and are ideally suited for a wide range of applications. They offer product owners many options by extending the life and providing additional corrosion protection. The application on the tools also improves abrasive  and adhesive wear protection of  the tool surface and reduces lubrication consumption due to reduced friction forces.



Titanium nitride           
TiN is a general purpose PVD coating that increases hardness and has a high oxidation temperature.

 Titanium carbo-nitride    

It has better abrasive wear resistance than TiN, since the addition of carbon adds more hardness and better surface lubricity. 



Titanium aluminum nitride 
A formed layer of aluminum oxide gives this tool better life in high heat applications.
Aluminum titanium nitride  

AlTiN offers a higher surface hardness than that of TiAlN, along with different percentages of aluminum and titanium.





Aluminum chromium nitride  

AlCrN has higher heat resistance than AlTiN and achieves a better adhesion and higher coating thickness than AlTiN






Chromium nitride     

CrN has similar properties to TiN with higher temperature applications.      






Zirconium  nitride         

ZrN is a hard coating, which is harder than TiN, but very similar in nature.

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